Jothi Paint brushes

The most important factor for a good paint job is definitely using the best paint and of all a high quality paint brush and roller. Jothi Paint Brushes can provide you with the right kind of brushes you need. Jothi Paint Brushes is a leading painting tool manufacturer in India. We are proud to have our company in the ‘Gods own country – Kerala. The company is located in Malapuram district.

Jothi Paint Brushes began operations during 1998 as a trading company and after 5 years of operation the company was registered as a small scale Industry in 2003. Today we are proud to say that we are capable of manufacturing around one and half Lakh of painting brushes per month.

The supply chain of Jothi Paint Brushes extends to the length and breadth of Kerala. Our next target is to cover India and the Gulf regions as a growth strategy gaining a foot hold in International market.